Through a process of continuous reassessment of all viable implementation options at our disposal, Alterna aims to continuously push the boundaries of efficacy and flexibility for its clients’ Alternative Investments. Founded upon our collective knowledge of the full range of feasible solutions, Alterna is in a unique position to specify optimal solutions for its clients’ Alternative Investments, without any inherent bias or preference of our own.

Alterna’s advisory approach is free of conventional thought patterns and unconstrained by standardized structures or procedures.



Alterna develops the optimal structure for every Alternative Investment strategy, including the selection and set up of investment vehicles, all related service provider contracts and documentation related to the structure as well as the specification of all related processes its administration, management and supervision.

Our structuring services draw upon profound knowledge and experience will all types of regulated and unregulated investment vehicles, including investment funds (AIF/RAIF), securitization companies and operating/trading companies. Our clients are afforded additional flexibility through our selection of the optimal jurisdiction for the structure. Alterna structures investment vehicles globally and coordinates both setup and implementation with all relevant services providers.

Moreover, Alterna specifies alle processes relevant to the efficient management and supervision of Alternative Investments for both management companies and investors alike. Our experience allows us to fine tune and maintain the requisite equilibrium between outsourcing of specific tasks, discretionary control and investor supervision.

In addition, Alterna supports its clients in all aspects of the establishment, licensing and staffing of management companies (ex. AIFMs), family offices and/or multi-strategy investment platforms in Luxembourg and Germany. Following the successful establishment and licensing process for any such entity, Alterna is committed to supporting and advising its clients in the course of their (licensable) business activities.


The requisite process for the successful transposition of any alternative investment strategy has an inherent high level of complexity. This complexity has invariable consequences at both the level of the investment vehicle as well as the level of the investor.

Alterna’s wide range of agency services seeks to support investment vehicles and investors in the efficient and transparent management of their Alternative Investments.

Agency services for investors

Alterna provides solutions for these particular complex challenges. Our services include:

  • Master data management and provision of master data for position management systems;
  • Provision of asset and portfolio level investment performance data and benchmarking;
  • Accounting and consolidation support services including full IFRS consolidation for Alternatives Investments;
  • Tailormade investment reporting for single asset and/or portfolio investments;
  • Ongoing identification and analysis of key risk factors and methodological support for the integration of Alternative Investments in existing risk and portfolio management functions
Agency services for investment vehicles

The regulatory framework for alternative investments has drastically changed in the last years and is expected to continue this trend for the foreseeable future (ex. MiFID 2, AIFMD, MiFIR, ATAD2, DAC6, etc.). The dynamics in the regulatory landscape has led to an equally drastic increase in complexity of supervisory, tax and corporate governance requirements.

This complexity is further exacerbated by the ever increasing involvement of multi-jurisdictional services providers for the transposition of individual Alternative Investments.

Alterna provides solutions for these particular complex challenges. Our services include:

  • Monitoring, coordination and quality control of corporate organizational processes as well as audit and consolidation support;
  • Valuation advisory services for Alternative Investments as well as outsourced valuation for private debt assets/portfolios;
  • Support in the creation of a rating for individual investments and/or portfolios either via an internal rating process of via an external rating agency;
  • Valuation and calculation agency services for financial instruments;
  • Risk advisory services particularly in connection to credit/loan origination processes


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